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Welcome to American Heritage Bank!

We know you will have many questions regarding the transition to American Heritage Bank.  Therefore, we have compiled a list of Questions and Answers below for your convenience.

About the Merger

Q: What is the date of the transition to American Heritage Bank?
NBC will close at noon on Friday, March 22, 2019 and will remain closed on Saturday.  On Monday, March 25, 2019, the branch will reopen as American Heritage Bank.


Q: Will my account number change?
We do not anticipate any changes to account numbers at this time.  Although unlikely, in the event a change is necessary, American Heritage will communicate directly with you.  You will receive additional correspondence with information regarding your new AHB account type.

Q: Will there be changes to my account?
American Heritage Bank offers a variety of account products to suit our customers’ various banking needs.  Please watch for a follow-up letter that will address your specific account changes, as well as account disclosures.  American Heritage Bank also offers the following features and services:

  • Online Banking
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Check Card
  • Text Alerts
  • eStatements
  • 24-hour Telephone Banking (918-227-BANK) 

Q: Will I need new checks?
Contact us by April 15, 2019, to order new checks.  Call (918) 947-4541 or (918) 499-5990 to place your order.  You may continue to use your current supply of checks until your new checks arrive or until May 1st, whichever date is first.

If you choose to order checks from a vendor other than AHB after March 22, 2019, please use American Heritage Bank’s routing number, 103100616. 

Q: What happens to my direct deposits and withdrawals?
If you currently have automatic transactions on your accounts (such as payroll deposits, utility bill payments, or other automatic recurring payments), these transactions will continue to process as they are today.  However, for transactions effective after Friday, March 22, please provide your depositor or withdrawer with American Heritage Bank's routing number, 103100616.  Current automatic deposits and withdrawals will continue to be processed for 60 days.

Click here for a form to assist in changing information with your depositors.

Click here for a form to assist in changing information with your withdrawers.

Q: When will I receive my monthly statement?
All checking and savings account statements will be processed on March 22, 2019.  These statements will not be available via NBC Online Banking.  You will receive a printed statement mailed to your current address.  Your checking statements from American Heritage Bank will process at the end of each month and savings statements will print quarterly.

Debit/Check Cards

Q: Will I receive a new debit card?
Yes.  You should have received a new American Heritage Bank Visa Check Card with a new card number the week of March 18, 2019.  Your new PIN number would have arrived separately from your new card.  If you have recurring payments set up using your current debit card, you will need to contact the vendor (i.e. AT&T, Dish Network, etc.) to provide them with your new AHB Check Card number for any payments due after March 22, 2019. 

Q: Should I continue using my NBC Debit Card?
Your current NBC Debit Card was closed early Saturday morning, March 23rd. 

Q: Will I need to activate my new American Heritage Bank Check Card?
Yes.  Your new American Heritage Bank Check Card should have arrived with instructions on how to activate your card.  You may activate your card now.

Q: Will my Check Card PIN change?
Yes.  However, you may change your PIN at any AHB ATM or by visiting your local branch during business hours.

Q: Will I be charged to use my Check Card at ATMs?
You will not be charged for withdrawals made at AHB ATMs.  Making cash withdrawals at ATMs NOT owned by American Heritage Bank will result in a $1.50 foreign ATM fee, in addition to any fee the ATM’s processor may charge.

Q: What are the daily transaction limits on my AHB Check Card?
                                                Personal Cards                                    Business Cards

            Point-of-Sale               $1,200.00                                            $1,500.00

            ATM Withdrawal        $305.00                                               $250.00

For an exception to these limits, please contact your account officer. 

Q: How can I help prevent fraudulent activity on my Check Card?
Fraud prevention made easy with real-time text alerts sent to your phone!  We want to create peace of mind for our cardholders. By enrolling your AHB Check Card in the Check Card Text Alert notification service, you can quickly detect and stop fraudulent use of your Check Card.  Click here for more information.

Online Banking

Q: How long can I use my NBC Online Banking and mobile services?
Your NBC Online Banking service will become unavailable at end of day March 22, 2019.  Please save and/or print any online account statements and history prior to this date.

NBC Bill Pay access will remain available through March 18, 2019.  Pending payments will be processed through March 21, 2019.

NBC mobile deposit will remain available through March 21, 2019.

Q: Will I need to enroll in online banking with American Heritage Bank?
If you are a current NBC Online Banking customer, you will be automatically enrolled in online banking with American Heritage Bank.  You will receive further information on this in the coming weeks.  If you are not a current NBC Online Banking customer, you may enroll in online banking with American Heritage Bank on or after Monday, March 25, 2019, by visiting and clicking on Enroll Now in the Online Banking area on the AHB homepage or by visiting your local branch.

You will receive additional information regarding American Heritage Bank’s Online Services (mobile banking, eStatements, bill pay, mobile deposit, etc.) in the coming weeks.

Q: Will my internet banking automatic transfers carry over to American Heritage Bank’s online banking?
No, you will need to set up any automatic or regular online banking transfers within American Heritage Bank’s online banking.

Loan Accounts

Q: Will my loan payment change?
No.  Your loan payment will remain the same.

Q: Will I need to mail my loan payment to a different address?
Yes.  Loan payments made after March 23, 2019, may be dropped off at any of our branch locations or they can be mailed to:

American Heritage Bank
PO Box 1408
Sapulpa OK 74067-1408

Q: Will I be able to continue to use my loan coupons when I submit my loan payment?
Yes.  You may continue to use the loan coupons you currently have to submit your payments.

Q: My loan payment is automatically deducted from my deposit account.  Will that service continue?
Yes.  Your automatic payments will continue as usual, on the same schedule.

Certificate of Deposit

Q: How do I renew my Certificate of Deposit (CD) or Individual Retirement Account (IRA)? Your NBC Certificate of Deposit and/or IRA will retain its current terms and conditions until maturity.  AHB will mail a notice when your CD or IRA is due for maturity.  At that time, you will be instructed to visit your local AHB branch to choose an AHB product best suited to your needs.

Q: How often will I receive statements for my CD and IRA accounts? American Heritage Bank does not send monthly statements for CDs or IRAs.  However, you will receive maturity notices.

Q: Can I add to my CD or IRA at any time? Funds may be added to a CD at maturity only.  Contributions to an IRA may be made at any time up to the annual contribution allowance amount as determined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Q: Will I continue to receive separate Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) notices for my IRA accounts? Yes.  American Heritage Bank will annually send a RMD notice to applicable customers.


Q: Can I use any American Heritage Bank location?
Yes, beginning Monday, March 25, 2019, you may visit any American Heritage Bank location to conduct your banking transactions.  Locations can be found on our web-site at

Q: Will our banking hours change?
Yes, the new hours of operation will be:

Bank Lobby & Drive-Thru
Monday – Friday         8:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday                     Closed

For a complete listing of our locations, click here.

Q: Does American Heritage Bank have a 24-hour telephone banking service?
AHB's OnCall Banking Service is a free automated telephone banking service offering 24-hour access to your account information. By calling 918-227-BANK (918-227-2265), you can find answers to questions about your checking, savings or loan account balances.  You can also transfer funds between checking and savings accounts with the same ownership.  This service will be available to you beginning Tuesday, March 26, 2019.  During your initial call, you will be prompted to establish a new Access Code.

Q:  What number do I call for customer service?
You may call our customer service department at 918-224-3210, 918-947-4541, 918-499-5990 or toll-free 855-873-9961 to speak with a customer service representative during business hours.

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