Personal Term, Whole and Universal Life Insurance

How can you be sure you have enough to fully protect your most important asset – you? Like many people, you probably have insurance to protect tangible assets, like your car and home. Let our investment professionals help evaluate your situation to give you peace of mind.

Term Life Insurance

This guarantees a fixed benefit if the policyholder dies during a set period of time. It is also considered the preferred option to protect your life for a specific period of time (such as until children reach a certain age, or to pay for their college expenses or your mortgage if you should die). Term life insurance may provide the most affordable type of insurance for you. Some term life plans also have a return-of-premium feature.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life provides you with a guaranteed death benefit and a guaranteed rate of return on your cash values. You pay a set premium that is guaranteed to never increase. Consider whether a whole life insurance policy will help meet your objectives, such as providing lifetime income for your surviving spouse, estate liquidity, "death" taxes, or funding retirement.

Universal Life Insurance

Part insurance and part asset accumulation, a universal life policy has flexibility and allows you to adjust the premium payments and value of the death benefit. Use the tax-deferred accumulation for college tuition, making a major purchase, or supplementing your retirement income.