Business Bill Pay Agreement



This is your bill pay agreement with American Heritage Bank.
AHB Online Banking includes an optional bill payment service (Consumer Bill Pay or Business Bill Pay) through which you may arrange for payment of bills from the checking account you designate. AHB has contracted with an outside vendor to provide bill payment services. AHB is not liable for any losses or errors associated with the bill payment service. The terms and conditions of this agreement are in addition to the account agreements, disclosures and other documents in effect from time to time governing your account.
You may use the bill payment system to pay an individual or merchant approved by the bill payment service provider. By furnishing the names and addresses of your payees, you authorize the bill payment service provider to follow the payment instructions provided by you.
Upon receipt of your payment instructions, the bill payment service provider will debit your selected checking account for payments that qualify to be electronic and remit payment to the specified payee(s). Check payments will be mailed the same day they are processed and will be debited from your account when the check clears.
For information or questions about a previously issued payment please contact Customer Service or our Electronic Services Department at (918) 224-3210.

Fee Schedule

Bill Pay fee is $3.00 per month for the first 10 transactions; $0.40 for each transaction thereafter. Specific account types include bill pay in the monthly account service charge.
Inactivity fee of $10.00 per month after 90 days of not making any bill payments via AHB’s bill pay service

Additional fees related to Bill Pay services:

Stop Payments $25.00 per item
Paid Overdraft fee - $29.50
Returned NSF fee - $29.50
The bank's Paid Overdraft/Returned NSF fee includes transactions such as: checks, in person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or other electronic or paper items.

Account Eligibility

Consumer Customers
To be eligible for Bill Pay you must have an active personal checking account with American Heritage Bank. Bill payment services are not available to non-personal account holders. Excessive insufficient activity could result in bill payment services being revoked.
Commercial Customers (Corporation, Partnership, LLC, Political Subdivision)
To utilize Business Bill Pay, the business must be a Cash Management customer with Single-Sign-On utilized. Bank officer approval is required for commercial account holders to be eligible for Bill Pay. Corporate accounts must have minutes from the board approving service, as well as a signed Commercial Online Banking Bill Payment Authorization Resolution. Excessive insufficient activity could result in bill payment services being revoked.

Bill Pay Limitations

Transactions are limited by the available funds in your designated account. There is a maximum transaction amount of $25,000 (Consumer Bill Pay) and $50,000 (Business Bill Pay). There is not a limit to the total number of bill payments allowed daily. Bill Payment transactions are subject to all regulatory and AHB limitations. Payments delivered over an automated clearinghouse system (ACH) are governed by the rules and performance standards of the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Bill Payment Liability

Neither the Bank, nor the bill payment service provider is liable for:
  • A failure to perform or a loss resulting from an event or condition beyond the reasonable control of either AHB or the bill payment service provider, including but not limited to communications breakdown or interruption, acts of God, labor disputes or interruption of service by ACH or other payment networks.
  • Punitive, exemplary, consequential, indirect, remote, or special damages.
  • The loss of confidentiality or security of data or other payment information while in transmission over communication lines, in the postal system, or in an ACH or other network.

NSF and Returned Bill Payments

Electronic payments are verified for funds availability during processing. If the funds are not available at processing you will receive a message informing you the payment could not be processed due to insufficient funds. The payment will continue to attempt until sufficient funds are available or until you delete the payment. Please make sure your account has sufficient funds at the time electronic items are to be processed so as not to delay your payment reaching the vendor. Check payments are subject to the account balance when they are presented for payment. AHB reserves the right to return check payments presented against insufficient funds and to assess overdraft fees and returned NSF fees in accordance with AHB fee schedule.

Stop Payment Requests

The ability to process a stop payment request for a payment made through the bill pay service will depend on the payment method and whether the payment has cleared your account. Stop payments cannot be placed on electronic payments once they are processed. Stop payments may be placed on any check payments if they have not already posted to your account. Please contact Customer Service at 918-224-3210 with any questions regarding stop payment requests.

Our Liability for Failure to Complete Transfers or Payments

We will take reasonable care to complete funds transfers and payments according to your instructions. Examples of situations in which AHB is not responsible for completing payments or transfers include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • If you do not have enough available money in an account from which a payment or transfer is to be made.
  • If your account is closed or is not in good standing.
  • If legal order directs us to prohibit withdrawals from your account.
  • If you or anyone you authorize commits any fraud or violates any regulation.
  • If your equipment, or our equipment, was not working properly and the breakdown should have been apparent to you when you attempted the transaction.
  • If you have not provided the information necessary to complete the transaction.
  • If you have provided us with inaccurate information or fail to correct inaccuracies of which you are aware.
  • If you did not properly follow instructions for making a bill payment.
  • If you did not allow ample time for your payment to be received and credited.
  • If, despite our precautions, circumstance beyond our control prevent, delay, or alter the transaction.

Payment Account

When you sign up for Bill Pay, you must designate which checking accounts you would like Bill Pay capability added to. In doing so, you authorize AHB to debit your payment account for charges including, but not limited to, bill payments, inactivity fees, overdraft fees, and stop payment fees. Bill Pay inactivity fees will be debited from the checking account that has become inactive. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for a complete description of service charges and fees.
If you close your payment account, you must notify Customer Service and designate a new payment account. If you close all your bank accounts, you must notify AHB Customer Service and cancel your Bill Pay services.
If your Online Banking is not accessed for one (1) year, it will be automatically deleted. Any recurring Bill Pay payments will be deleted if the Online Banking ID is deleted. AHB is not responsible for any payments that did not process due to an Online Banking ID being deleted.

The Bill Paying Process

Single Payments – A single payment will be processed on the business day (generally Monday through Friday, except certain holidays) that you designate as the payment’s processing date, provided the payment is submitted prior to the daily cut-off time on that date. The daily cut-off time is currently2:00 PM, Central Time.
A single payment submitted after the cut-off time on the designated process date will be processed on the next business day. If you designate a non-business date (generally weekends and certain holidays) as the payment’s processing date, the payment will be processed on the first business day following the designated processing date.
Recurring Payments – When a recurring payment is processed, it is automatically rescheduled by the system. Based upon your selected frequency settings for the payment, a processing date is calculated for the next occurrence of the payment. If the calculated processing date is a non-business date (generally weekends and certain holidays), it is adjusted based upon the following rules:
  • If the recurring payment’s “Pay Before” option is selected, the processing date for the new occurrence of the payment is adjusted to the first business date prior to the calculated processing date.
  • If the recurring payment’s “Pay After” option is selected, the processing date for the new occurrence of the payment is adjusted to the first business date after the calculated processing date.
Note: If your frequency settings for the recurring payment specify the 29th, 30th, or 31st as a particular day of the month for processing and that day does not exist in the month of the calculated processing date, then the last calendar day of that month is used as the calculated processing date.
Single and Recurring Payments
The system will calculate the Estimated Arrival Date of your payment. This is only an estimate, so please allow ample time for your payments to reach your “Payees”.
Cancelling a Payment
A bill payment can be changed or cancelled any time prior to the cutoff time on the scheduled processing date.
The Financial Institution has the right to change this agreement at any time by notice mailed to you at the last address shown for the account on the Financial Institution's records, by posting notice in branches of the Financial Institution, or as otherwise permitted by law.
Either you or we may terminate this Agreement and any of the Online Services at any time upon giving the other party at least 10 business days written notice of termination. If you terminate your AHB Bill Pay service, we reserve the right to continue making previously authorized bill payments until we have a reasonable opportunity to act upon your termination notice. Once your bill pay services are terminated, we will make no further transfers, bill payments, or other transactions you have previously authorized.