Trust Services

Many people believe trusts are just for those with considerable wealth. In reality, they can benefit anyone with valuable assets, including real estate, automobiles, jewelry, collectibles and financial accounts. There are many types of trusts, from living trusts to provide for asset management in the event of incapacity, to special needs and incentive trusts for unique circumstances. Keep in mind that a last will and testament remains an important part of any estate plan; however, a will and testament may not be enough to ensure the passing of assets to the right people at the right time.
All too often some of the most difficult decisions we make are during the most stressful times of our lives. Having a plan in place can remove the anxiety of making the right decision from the family. A trust gives you peace of mind that things will be taken care of should something happen. And you can stay in control of it as long as you are able and willing.
For over 50 years American Heritage Bank has provided low cost, personalized trust administration while maintaining total privacy, loyalty, and impartiality. All of this with hometown convenience and friendliness.
Mutual funds, annuities and other investments:
  • Are not deposits
  • Are not insured by the FDIC or any other regulatory agency
  • Are not obligations of or guaranteed by this financial institution
  • Are subject to investment risk, including loss of principal
  • Are subject to fluctuating rates of return
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A trust is a legal arrangement that you create, with assistance from your attorney, to allow a trustee to hold and manage the property you place in the trust. A trust, simply stated, is a set of instructions that may be enacted during and/or after your lifetime, and like a will, disperses assets at the time of your death. A trust is a private document and is not subject to the costly, public process of probate. A trust offers management of your assets and offers privacy for the disposition of your assets. American Heritage Bank Trust Services is focused on successful investment returns, high quality record-keeping, and the assurance of permanent management of your assets.


Choosing a trustee is as important as choosing a physician or a lawyer. Our professional staff will make you feel comfortable while planning your future. We pride ourselves on the quality of the personalized service that we are able to provide our clients and their beneficiaries. American Heritage Bank Trust Services can handle any of the following relationships:
Executor/Personal Representative
As your professional executor, we can be relied upon to carry out the provisions of your will and settle your estate in a timely and economical manner.
Revocable Living Trust
A trust that can be amended by its creator at any time. This type of trust gives you the flexibility to add or remove assets, change beneficiaries, or make any adjustment needed throughout your lifetime.
Irrevocable Trust
A trust that cannot be changed or revoked by its creator.
Testamentary Trust
A trust created within a will.
Charitable Trust
A trust created for the benefit of a legal charity that can allow income during the trust creator’s lifetime.
Land Trust
An arrangement for holding real property for the benefit of the named beneficiaries.
A court appointed guardian who manages the property of a minor or another person legally incapable of managing their own finances. American Heritage Bank Trust Services can be named guardian of the assets intended for your minor child or your disabled loved one.
Pension and Profit Sharing Plans
Employee benefit plans that require record-keeping, collection of contributions, investment management and distributions to employee participants.
Special Needs Trust
A trust designed to provide for enhanced quality of life while allowing a continuation of government benefits.


American Heritage Bank Trust Services provides quality service to our clients by:
  • Investing assets according to your financial objective
  • Distributing income and/or principal to your beneficiaries
  • Preparing statements of your account and paying monthly bills
  • Maintaining real estate and other property types
All transactions in publicly traded securities for trust and fiduciary customers shall be directed to a registered broker-dealer for execution. American Heritage Bank maintains networking arrangements with broker-dealers to make securities transactions available to bank customers.