Overdraft Protection Plus

Overdraft Protection Plus can cover overdrafts on a personal checking account with transfers from funds in a linked savings, money market, or additional checking account.
  • Automatically transfers from a linked account
Our Overdraft Protection Plus service offers a convenient way to automatically transfer funds from one American Heritage Bank deposit account to an American Heritage Bank checking account. The transfer only occurs when the checking account balance is not enough to cover transactions posting that day. Transfers are made from your designated account in increments of $25.00. The transfer will only be processed if there are sufficient funds to cover the total amount of the overdraft.
Certain account types, such as savings and money market accounts, have restrictions on the number of withdrawals or transactions that can be made on a monthly basis. Please review your account materials to ensure that you do not incur additional fees due to the type of account used for the Overdraft Protection Plus transfer.
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