Business Online/Mobile Services FAQs

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Q: What is AHB Online Banking and what can I do with it?
A: AHB Online Banking is a free service that provides a safe and convenient way to do your banking online from anywhere that offers internet access. You can obtain current information about your AHB accounts, deposits, loans, and history information; you can view check images, transfer funds between your AHB accounts, place stop payments on checks and download transactions into compatible money management software packages.
Q: What do I need to get started?
A: You will need a personal computer, a modem, a 128 bit capable browser, an active account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and an account (or accounts) with American Heritage Bank.
Q: How do I know that my account information will be secure?
A: AHB Online Banking employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol ensuring that all data passed over the internet is encrypted, and therefore secure. For additional security, AHB Online Banking also utilizes user-defined passwords, inactivity time limits and automatic 'lock-out' for invalid access attempts.
Q: How do I sign up for AHB Online Banking?
A: Visit any American Heritage Bank location to enroll in Online Banking.
Q: What criteria do I use for setting up my password?
A: You will be given that information upon completion of the application process.
Q: How soon after a transaction is executed does it appear in my account activity?
A: Typically, most transactions are posted on the same business day and may be reviewed within 24 hours. However, transactions conducted at any American Heritage Bank branch will show as "pending" immediately.
Q: What types of software can I download my account transactions into?
A: You may download this information into money management software, spreadsheet software and word processing software. The file types supported include those with an .OFX, .QFX, .QBO, .IIF, .QIF, .CSV or .TXT suffix. Popular software supported by AHB Online Banking includes Quicken, Quick Books, and Microsoft Money.
Q: What if I have more questions or need assistance?
A: For questions about AHB Online Banking, contact Customer Service at (918)224-3210.
Q: What if I am having trouble logging in? (i.e. forgot Password, forgot ID, locked out)?
A: Contact AHB Customer Service at (918) 224-3210 or click Forgot your Password? on the login screen. This requires setup in your Options prior to utilizing.



Q: If I am already signed up for Internet Banking, am I automatically set up for Mobile Banking?
A: Yes, you will use the same ID and Password on the Mobile Banking website that you currently use to log in to Online Banking.
Q: How can I apply?
A: If you are already using Online Banking, there is no application needed. Your Online Banking ID and Password will give you access to Mobile Banking just go to If you are not currently set up for Online Banking, you will need to complete the Online Banking application process before you will be able to access Mobile Banking.
Q: What is the address for the American Heritage Bank Mobile Banking site?
Q: Will there be any service fees for Mobile Banking?
A: American Heritage Bank does not charge a fee for our Mobile Banking service; however, fees for internet access will vary based on your mobile phone provider/service plan
Q: How do I know if my phone is compatible with mobile banking?
A: Most reasonably new phones are compatible. If you already have web browsing or internet capabilities, your phone should be compatible. If not, you will need to contact your cell phone service provider to have internet access added to your plan. If your phone is not web compatible, you will not be able to use the Mobile Banking service.
Q: Do I have to sign up for Online Banking, before I can sign up for Mobile Banking?
A: Yes, you will need to use your Online Banking ID and Password to access the Mobile Banking site. If you are set up for Online Banking, you will not need to fill out a separate application for Mobile Banking. If you are not signed up for Online Banking you can click here to apply.
Q: Does the Mobile Banking service offer a Bill Pay service?
A: Yes. If you are currently signed up for the Online Banking Bill Pay Service, you will have access to Bill Pay on the Mobile Banking site. For more information about our Bill Pay service click here.


Q. What is an eStatement?
A. eStatements are just like your original paper statement(s) only a notification is emailed to you rather than delivered by U.S. Mail. The notification will contain a link in which you will sign into a secure site to access your statement.
Q. Will I receive my eStatements faster than a mailed statement?
A. Yes. You will receive your email notification and be able to view your statement the morning after your statement cycles. Mailed statements take two to three business days to reach their destination. They are typically mailed the day after the statement cycles.
Q. How long are they viewable online?
A. Statements are stored for a minimum of 18 months online. However, at any time during the 18 months, you can save or print the statement to keep as long as you wish.
Q. Are eStatements secure?
A. Yes. Our eStatement product uses the same security as our Online Banking service. You only receive an email notification which lets you know your statement is ready for viewing; at that point, you must log into your Online Banking to view the eStatement.
Q. Will I still receive my regular statement in the mail in addition to eStatements?
A. No. Once you are enrolled for eStatements, you will only receive them electronically.
Q. Are other notices available electronically?
A. Yes. You can choose which notices you would like to receive electronically.
Q. How do I enroll for eStatements?
A. To enroll, simply log into your Online Banking via a personal computer, click the eStatements tab and follow the instructions. It is fast and easy!
Q. Who can I contact if I have other questions about eStatements?
A. You can contact Customer Service at 918-224-3210 Monday-Thursday 8:00-5:00 and Friday 8:00-6:00.
Q. How can I get a printed copy of my statement?
A. If you are currently enrolled to receive eStatements and would like a printed copy, there is a $5.00 per paper statement copy fee.  Contact Customer Service during normal business hours.
Q. How do I unenroll from eStatements? 
A. Contact Customer Service during normal business hours.  We will unenroll the requested account from eStatements and you will receive paper statements for subsequent statement periods.  If you unenroll from eStatements, you may incur a paper statement fee.  Refer to your account disclosures for more information.